EasyMarker – Dot peen and scribing machine

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EasyMarker is universal dot peen marking system for marking and inscribing of hard materials and compounds, such as metals (steel, aluminium etc.), plastics and a lot more.

It enables a precise and affordable marking.

Range of application

  • Manual workstation (tabletop machine)
  • Affordable solution for automation and integration into production lines (EasyMarker ++)
  • Control via standard controller EM100, PC or PCA controller (optional)
  • Serial interface, I/O, Profibus (optional)
  • Suitable for usage in a rough industrial environment
Marking window 4“ x 4“
Height adjustment 11.8″ (standard), different adjustable range (optinal/surcharge)
manually operated (standard), automated motorized axis (optional/surcharge)
Fast gear mode up to 4″/sec.
Marking speed up to 4 characters/sec.
Repeatable accuracy 0.0012“
Impact frequency up to 400 Hz
Imprinting force up to 22.5 lbf
USB interface


EasyMarker PP with pneumatic dot peen marking head
EasyMarker with enlarged marking window 4 x 5.9″
EasyMarker ++ for automation and integration
marking window 3.15″ x 3.15″
EasyMarker ++ with cover plate for automation and integration fully encased
marking window 2.4″ x 2.75″


easyRot available in different sizes for marking cylindrical and polygonal
parts on the circumference
Clamping plate for tags for easy clamping of tags
Start button foot switch for external start of marking
Plexiglass cover plate for fully encased operation
Z-axis electric or pneumatic infeed axis


Scope of service

• Free scaling of character height and width
• Marking depth individually adjustable
• Different fonts/special characters/logos
• Specifications