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The product range of UNIGRAV is the perfect solution for easy and economic marking of parts. This professional solution is based on our long-term experience in development and production of CNC-controlled marking systems.

  • Precision linear ball screws
  • High-torque stepper motors or optional highly
  • dynamic servo drives
  • Precise positioning 0,02 mm,
  • with servo drive 0,005 mm
  • Up to 60 mm/sec., approx. 4 characters/sec.
  • with a size of 2,5 mm
  • Marking head operates in dot peen marking,
  • engraving and datamatrix mode
  • Imprinting power and impact frequency are
  • continuously adjustable
  • Table frames with hydraulic height extensions
  • Various clamping devices
  • Different marking heights adjustable via
  • pneumatic Z-axis
  • 3-D-version comprises stepper motor with
  • automated Z-axis
  • Pneumatic head with 400 Hz frequency

UNIGRAV offers you the appropriate solution for all applications due to its various additional modules.

Due to the continuously variable marking depth and impact frequency the UNIGRAV A version is adjustable to almost any material or surface.

It is suitable for every material and surface, several impact frequency and depth (selectable).

UNIGRAV A-version was especially developed for the integration of fully automated processes and production units.