Platelaser F20

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APF Automatic Plate Feeder System

IDENTILase C413 Plate Feeder

This fast and efficient plate feeder with speeds of up to 350 plates per hour, has the options to accommodate a huge variety of variable plate sizes, materials, shapes and thicknesses. Marked plates can either be side ejected, or, used with our First In First Out (FIFO) up-stacker to keep numerical number sequence. The hand shake, from plate feeder to laser marker is seamless, from the immediate request to feed a plate, on to marking, then ejecting and the request for next plate. Each plate can be marked with text, graphic images and QR codes, all at high speed with amazing clarity.

The machine is housed in a stylish metal cabinet, The new cover design allows easier operator access to the plate refill hopper, although still ensuring adequate safety from the laser source. This ruggedly built design will withstand the harshest of industrial environments.